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Vox Joins Apple News Subscription Service

Bloomberg is reporting that Vox is the latest late signing for the new Apple News Subscription service. Vox, who owns the Verge, Recode, Eater, and SB Nation, is the second big signing for the new service. The Wall Street Journal inked a deal with Apple earlier this week. Reportedly the main Vox site will be a part of the service and not the additional properties that are owned by the media company.

The new service that Apple is expected to launch on Monday is rumored to be named Apple News Magazines and will be a $9.99 per month subscription. For that subscription, you will get unlimited access to services that are a part of the service. At the free tier, like Apple News today, will have access to a limited number full articles from the sites that are part of the pay service.

For their part, Vox does not have a paid tier now but CEO Jim Bankoff has indicated that a paid service would be coming at some point this year. What the impact of the signing with Apple will have on those plans remains unclear.

While it is good news for Apple to get Vox on board, there are still big players who are not a part of the service. The New York Times and the Washington Post have both indicated they will not be a part of the service. It is rumored that Apple is asking for some 50% of a revenue share for the service which has turned off some publishers from joining. Like the Wall Street Journal earlier this week, it is not known if Apple cut a deal with them or Vox to get them onboard. Rumors have suggested that Apple has grown increasingly desperate to get some banner publishers on the upcoming service and they may be at the point of cutting deals to make that happen.

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