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Wall Street Journal Set to Join Apple News Subscription Service

According to a report in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal is set to join the upcoming Apple News subscription service. That service is widely expected to be announced on Monday, March 25th as part of the “It’s Show Time” event Apple is holding. That event is also expected to see the launch of the Apple TV Subscription service.

Apple and The Wall Street Journal plan to announce the deal Monday at a media event at Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, Calif. The event is intended to draw attention to the company’s bet on news and entertainment, including a streaming service that will put Apple in direct competition with Netflix, Amazon and HBO.

The New York Times

With the Wall Street Journal joining the Apple News service, it will put pressure on other big publishers to join. The New York Times itself as well as The Washington Post are two major hold outs on the service which have their own paywalls for their service.

The crux of the issue for many publishers has been the revenue sharing model Apple has proposed, which sees them keeping up to 50% of revenue from the service. Some have balked at that and it is unclear if The Wall Street Journal gave in or got a better deal. Given Apple is literally days away from launch, it is possible a deal was reached so they would have a major publisher on stage with them Monday

The pay tier that is coming to Apple News will give subscribers unfettered access to content from publishers like WSJ. Those who do not pay for the service will still get some articles from publishers in the program.

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