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WatchOS 5.1.2 Beta Adds Walkie-Talkie Availability to Control Center

The second beta of WatchOS 5.1.2 is now available for beta testers.  It was released yesterday, and like most of the minor-dot release, is focused on bug fixes and improvements.  But there is one new feature in the beta.  You can now add Walkie-Talkie availability in Control Center.

As highlighted in a How To earlier this week, availability for Walkie-Talkie  works much like a do not disturb function.  When disabled, you will get notifications but not interruptions from those trying to talk to you via the feature. Until now, in order to change this, you had to go into the Walkie-Talkie app itself on your Apple Watch.

With WatchOS 5.1.2, that changes.  Now you can add it to Control Center for quicker and easier access.  Control Center is accessed by swiping up on the display of your Apple Watch.  It has been customizable since the release of WatchOS 5.0.

As for this second beta of WatchOS 5.1.2, there isn’t much new to report.  It is performance and bug-fix release so don’t expect much in the way of new features.

Beta testing for WatchOS is not for the faint of heart.  It requires a much more complicated install process.  It is the only Apple platform (MacOS, WatchOS, tvOS, iOS) that doesn’t have a public beta.  It is highly recommended to reader to wait until the public release.  That should happen before the end of 2018.

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