WatchOS 5 Notification Options

WatchOS 5 Feature Highlight: Improved Notification Handling

With the release of WatchOS 5 yesterday, Apple brought a slew of new features and improvements to the Apple Watch platform.  One of those improvements is the way that you can deal with notifications on your Watch.

First, and just like in iOS 12, multiple notifications from the same app are now bundled together on your Apple Watch’s notifications screen.  This makes it easier to deal with a lot of them at once and is far more organized.  There is nothing you need to do here as this is how the improvement behaves out-of-the-box.

Second, you can now deal with notifications more proactively right from your Apple Watch, skipping the need to use the Watch app on your iPhone.  If you have a notification, you can swipe it as you normally do to dismiss it.  But with WatchOS 5, you will now see an overflow menu (the … menu) when you swipe the notification.  Tap that overflow menu and you will now have the option to silence notifications from that app by turning them off on your Apple Watch, or having them delivered to you quietly.  If you chose to deliver quietly, the notification will go to your Notification Center on your Apple Watch but you won’t get a haptic or audible notification.

WatchOS 5 Notification Options

WatchOS 5 Notification Options

Prior to WatchOS 5, any changes like this to notifications had to be done from the Watch app.  It’s nice to see Apple move these types of features to the Watch itself as it saves you from having to pull out your iPhone to make what is usually a simple change for most users.

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