WhatsApp Set to Limit Messaging Forwarding in iOS

After rolling out in Brazil some three years ago, it looks like the globally popular messaging app WhatsApp is going to be limiting the number of times a message can be forwarded. The feature, which is currently in beta version for iOS, will roll out once that beta build gets to production. When that will be is unclear but you expect it in the next 30-60 days.

The feature will mirror what is in the WhatsApp build for Brazil and what is currently available in the Android version of the app. If you receive a message, you will be limited in the number of times you can forward that message. This is to prevent spamming and misinformation, both of which are rampant on social networking and messaging platforms. If you are the owner of the message, you will still be able to send it to everyone you want.

Details of the beta were highlighted by WABetaInfo and while no specific date has been given on when this new feature will go to GA (General Availability), it likely won’t be long. Many social network and messaging platforms are under increasing pressure to control spam and misinformation on their platforms. With WhatsApp’s position in the market, being one of the few truly global messaging platforms, they likely are trying to head things off on their own rather than multiple government agencies getting involved.

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