Apple Event Invite - October 2018

Where to Watch Today’s Apple Event from Brooklyn

Today’s Apple event in Brooklyn, New York has been hotly anticipated for the past few weeks.  At the event, it is expected that we will be treated to a refresh of the iPad Pro lineup, as well as a new MacBook, an updated Mac mini, and other Mac related updates.  Oh, and iOS 12.1 is coming today too!

So if you are like me and millions of other Apple fans who didn’t get an invite to the event, don’t fret.  It is actually really easy to watch the event live from your Mac or iPad.  It is even easier from your Apple TV.

First, from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, just open up Safari and navigate to the Apple Special Events site.  At 10:00 am Eastern, or 7:00 am Pacific, the live stream will begin on the site and you can watch it from there.  Easy-peasy.

It is even easier though on your Apple TV.  Just go to the Apple Events app on your Apple TV and watch it on your big screen.

No matter how you watch it, the event is going to be a lot of fun and we are going to see a lot of great new things from Apple.

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