YouTube Rolling Out Picture-in-Picture to All iOS Devices

After some initial confusion over the weekend, YouTube has announced via Twitter that it will be rolling out its long time experimental feature of picture-in-picture to all iOS devices. The confusion came from the fact that the few who had the feature on their devices suddenly lost it, prompting most to believe that the feature was gone for good. That doesn’t appear to be the case.

YouTube on Twitter

Support for Picture-in-Picture, or PiP, has been available to iPhone and iPad users since iOS 14. Many apps have added support for it but YouTube kept the feature experimental despite it being available for years on Android-based devices. This, as a result, forced many iPhone and iPad users to use the web site for streaming content instead of the app itself to get the PiP feature.

As with all things Google based, the company is suggesting that the new feature will roll out in the coming days. So it could take upwards of a week or two before everyone has PiP support on their iPhone or iPad. This could involve an app update but likely will be more of a behind the scenes update to enable the feature across the platform.

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