Review – Track Your Packages With Parcel

Parcel Icon Banner

If you are like me, at any given time, you have packages being shipped to you or you’ve shipped some yourself. Whether it is a package from Apple, Amazon or a family friend, keep track of the package on the shipping company’s site and when a package is going to arrive can be challenging at times. That’s where Parcel comes in and help you keep those shipments all in one place on your iPhone, iPad …

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Review of The Apple Polishing Cloth

Apple Polishing Cloth & A Clean iPad Pro Screen

Do you remember back in the early days of the iPhone and the App Store when you purchase the $999 app I Am Rich? The app literally did nothing other than sit on your iPhone and was designed to be a status app showing that you were wealthy enough to spend a grand on a completely useless app. For some, the Apple Polishing Cloth may be right up there with pointless spending just because you …

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Review of The Twelve South BookBook Cover for iPad Pro

Twelve South BookBook Cover for iPad & BookBook for iPhone 12 Pro Max

When it comes to cases for your iPad Pro, there are a plethora of choices. Some are utilitarian like Apple’s own Smart Folio, while others are designed to offer rugged protection like Otterbox. But for many, these two extremes aren’t quite what you need in a cover. You may want something more stylish yet effective in providing protection for your iPad Pro while you are on-the-go traveling (because we are doing that again finally) or …

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