Lionel Messi is The Greatest Thing to Happen to Apple TV+

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If there was any doubt about the impact of Lionel Messi on Apple TV+, those doubts should be eliminated. For those unfamiliar with Messi, he is perhaps the greatest footballer (soccer player) in history. He has scored over 500 goals in his career and, over the summer, signed with the MLS team Inter Miami. His impact was instantly felt, leading Inter Miami to the Leagues Cup (the first ever). MLS Season Pass on Apple TV+ …

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Review – CoinSnap Makes Coin Photos & Cataloging Easy For Everyone

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It will come as no surprise to seasoned coin collectors that having photographs and details on each coin in their collection is important. Not only is it important from a “knowing what you have” perspective, but it is also important for insurance purposes should you ever need to make a claim for a loss. I’ve found a new tool that I’ve been using for the past few months, CoinSnap, and it not only allows me …

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Welcome to The Relaunch of Average Apple Guy

Welcome Back

Hello Everyone! I wanted to take a few minutes to welcome you back to Average Apple Guy. It has been a long time since the site has been active, and that has been by design. Well, really, it comes down to me being super busy. For those who have never visited the site, a welcome to you and thanks for stopping by. For those who are returning, thanks for doing so. Over the next few …

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