iOS 17 is Coming – But With a Few Features Delayed

With iOS 17 only days away, I wanted to remind readers that a handful of features won’t be there on Day One. It isn’t uncommon for Apple to do this. IOS 14, 15, and 16 features were delayed when those platforms launched. But, as you upgrade your iPhone to iOS 17 next week, remember the following features won’t be there yet.

Collaborating on playlists in Apple Music

This will allow you and your friends to add, edit, and re-order playlists together. Further, you and your friends will be able to send emoji reactions to songs on the Now Playing screen

AirDrop transfers over the internet

This is one of the features I am looking forward to seeing later in iOS 17. You can send files from your iPhone using AirDrop, leveraging the internet when it is released. Once you initiate a transfer on your iPhone and it moves out of range, the file transfer will continue. Today, you have to stay within range of the receiving device.

The Journal app

The Journal app will allow you to log your life and events on your iPhone. According to Apple, “Journal is a new app that helps iPhone users reflect and practice gratitude through journaling, which has been shown to improve wellbeing. Using on-device machine learning, personalized suggestions can be provided to help inspire a user’s journal entry. “

NameDrop to an Apple Watch

NameDrop is a feature that lets you share your contact information with other people who use Apple devices. The feature, on iPhone, will be there on the release day for iOS 17. However, the feature will also be on Apple Watch, but at a later date.

AirPlay in hotel rooms

The ability to AirPlay content to TVs in hotel rooms is a great idea, especially for those who travel frequently. This feature will be great, but it will take time as hotels have to add support for the feature. When it does become available, streaming from your iPhone to your hotel room TV will be a QR code away.

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